What we develop, moves you.

As one of the leading global engineering partners in the automotive industry, IAV develops the mobility of the future. Regardless of the specific manufacturer, our engineering proves itself in mobility and in technologies all over the world. That means from Tokyo to Detroit, from Berlin to Sao Paulo. IAV is interested in cooperating with manufacturers or consultants actively in a number of electrical and hybrid systems industries. Hence, IAV would be very keen to assist you with any issues or enquiries which you may have regarding future hybrid or pure electric powertrain solutions.


Powertrain, Energy & Thermal Management, Sustainability, Conected Software, Electronics & Electrical System, Automated Driving

IAV passion of mobility

Marine powertrains are increasingly being electrified to meet future emission requirements. This yields countless variants which further raise the complexity of powertrain development. Hybrid and purely electric powertrains are currently being developed worldwide, with initial applications already in series production.

IAV holistic development approach

IAV meets the ever more complex requirements for the functionality and efficiency of drive trains thanks to a systematic and holistic development process. IAV uses an integrated tool chain for this purpose, by means of which not only components but also entire drive trains can be systematically optimized.  

IAV modulare design expertise

IAV is capable of developing a modular series design based on the experience gained with these stand-alone solutions. Depending on the application and our experience in system integration, we can engineer an individual system for each customer.

IAV integrative development

IAV uses the approach of integrative development for future mobility on the hardware and software side, and offers technology developments with the highest standard of implementation for our marine customers - regardless of their specifications and on a global scale!

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