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Euro-American Shipping Forum

Euro-American Shipping Forum Online

15.09.2020 14:00 Uhr – 16.09.2020 18:00 Uhr
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The Euro-American Shipping Forum © Online is a unique networking platform dedicated to bring the maritime communities of Europe and North America together. Organized by the maritime networking expert - The IGGS Group - this will be probably the most important maritime gathering for this time. Bringing together all types of shipowners and ship managers (cruise ships / ferries / cargo ships / bulk carriers / tankers / exploration vessels etc. ), ship builders, ports and regulators the forum has gathered an audience of unseen caliber. As well the forum will have the maritime companies that will introduce their latest solutions for the industry.  


Following the regulations:

  • Fresh overview of the implementation process of IMO 2020 regulations
  • Best practises in making the vessels compliant with the regulations;
  • COVID-19 – anything changes?
  • Road to 2030 / 2050

The ship of tomorrow - Smart, Safe, Efficient and Environmentally friendly:

  • Fuel Saving Options;
  • Scrubbers – pros and cons;
  • Hull Optimization;
  • Alternative Fuels;
  • BWTS – Road to 2024;
  • IT Solutions and Smart Development;
  • Cyber Security Solutions;

Focus on the Cruise industry:

  • Impact of Covid-19 and overview of the current status of the industry;
  • Update on the plans of the new building projects;
  • Good practises and efficient technologies for the prevention of the Covid-19 on cruise ships;
  • Miami: present and future.

Shipbuilding / Retrofit / Ship repair:

  • Update on the new solutions for the shipbuilding sector;
  • Overview of the future plans for the new building and retrofit projects;


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