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BIAT - Innovation and High Technology Lab

19.04.2018 – 20.04.2018
, National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa, Pietrarsa street, 80146, Neapel, Italien
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The fourth edition of the BIAT- Innovation and High Technology Lab will be held in Naples on 19-20 April 2018.

The BIAT - Innovation and High Technology Lab, funded under the Cohesion Action Plan of the Economic Development Ministry, is an initiative designed to enable the enterprises and research systems of South Italy Regions – Abruzzo, Molise, Sardinia, Basilicata, Campania, Calabria, Apulia and Sicily -  to express their full potential for innovation and excellence. The event is organised by the Italian Trade Agency in collaboration with the relevant Regional Governments and the town of Naples.

BIAT aims to promote the placing on the market and/or the transfer of innovative products and services or high technology and intangible assets (patents in particular) by matching commercial and technology supply and demand between startups, innovative SMEs, business networks, universities, technology parks and foreign counterparts. 

The event is divided into 3 distinct phases: 

  • collection of project proposals that can be applied to commercial, industrial and technological enterprises of the South Italy Regions;
  • identification of foreign counterparts through an online matchmaking system that will allow foreign companies to consult the summaries of proposed projects and select those of interest;
  • carrying out of meetings between Italian and foreign counterparts during the BIAT in Naples.

Foreign counterparts such as large companies, research centres interested in technology transfer, venture capitalists and or investors will be identified exclusively by the offices of the foreign network of ICE- Italian Trade Agency, operating in the following countries: United States, Canada, France, Sweden, Germany, Korea, India, Singapore, UK, Japan, Israel,  China, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Poland, Belgium, Netherland, Denmark and Russia.  

At this time, over 154 project proposals have been selected in the following sectors: nanotechnology, biotechnology, new materials, renewable energy, environment, ICT and smart cities.  The project proposals can be viewed in the dedicated section in this web site. Meetings will be scheduled according to the requests and interests expressed by international delegates who have selected online the companies they wish to meet. The agendas of meetings will be sent to foreign delegates before the event.


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