Yacht and Leisure Craft Building

By the end of 2017, a new specialist group had been established. The aim of the specialist group Yacht and Leisure Craft Building is to provide a platform for the numerous and highly innovative stakeholders dealing with yacht design and building to develop forward-looking projects and to exchange information.

Some key aspects of activity are ecological/sustainable boat design, new resins and innovative laminating techniques, 3D-printing, innovative coatings, disposal of crafts and cross innovation.


Supervising MCN Branch Offices

Dr. Susanne Neumann

Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland e. V.
Geschäftsstelle Niedersachsen
+49 4404 98786-15

Peter Moller

Maritimes Cluster Norddeutschland
Geschäftsstelle Schleswig-Holstein
+49 431 66666 867