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Tenzir GmbH

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Nagelsweg 41
20097 Hamburg

Tenzir is a cyber security startup that develops software for network forensics, empowering security experts to investigate complex cyber attacks. Our core product is an efficient data plane for network data: high-throughput ingestion, low-latency search, and integration of threat intelligence data. We are the backbone of a modern security operations center (SOC), scalable from small businesses to large corporations.

Since detection of complex attacks often takes many months according to the BSI, historical data must play an integral part in a holistic cyber defense strategy. Our innovative technology allows analysts not only to time-travel to the past, but also enables correlation of threat intelligence with historical activity such that we can detect attacks retrospectively - fully automated and in real time.

Main Objectives

  • Netzwerk Forensics
  • Cyber Security
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Log Management
  • Data Loss Prevention

Actionable insight at your fingertips

Our technology offers sub-second latency when searching data lakes of network activity - with powerful operations in an expressive query language.

Flexible data ingestion

We can consume high-volume streams of the most common network data formats, such as Zeek, PCAP, and NetFlow.

First-class support complex analytics

We offer native integration into the big data ecosystem, to enable complex analysis in real time.

Built-in support for retrospective correlation

We enable novel detection methods by augmenting live analysis with historical data.

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