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Ramboll Deutschland GmbH

Stadtdeich 7
20097 Hamburg

Water and land, wind and waves, complexity and detail – the world of Ramboll IMS is full of diversity. For over 40 years we have worked as consultants, advisors, service providers and problem solvers on big and small projects. Over the years we have accumulated a vast body of knowledge and experience. We regard this as a solid foundation for finding solutions to unusual challenges that require technical creativity and innovativeness. We regard ourselves as a team of consulting engineers.

Main Objectives

  • Hydraulic Engineering, Coastal Protection and Water Resources Management
  • Civil Engineering and Harbour Design
  • Offshore Wind Energy and Offshore Technology
  • Environmental Protection and Environmental Engineering
  • Management Consulting

Range of Services

Ramboll IMS’s services range from the design of technical details to complex integrative planning and project management tasks.

Interdisciplinary Services

Ramboll IMS’s ability to supply interdisciplinary services is an essential ingredient to its success.

Intelligent Solutions

Ramboll IMS’s clients can count of professional engineering services that provide intelligent solutions which are economically feasible, safe and environmentally sound.


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