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P.E.R. Flucht- und Rettungsleitsysteme GmbH

Am Hopfenbach 3
22926 Ahrensburg

P.E.R. is successfully established in the european safety community for 25 years. Innovative

product lines, customized engineering, consulting services and extensive experience make P.E.R.

a widely recognized company for emergency device application on land, on wanter and in the air.

As a member of various DIN & Standard commitee P.E.R. also shape the industry safety

regulations to push continuous improvement in a sensitive industry.


Main Objectives

  • Low location lighting system

  • Signs

  • Evacuation Plan

  • Integrated fire protection

  • Customized solution

Photoluminescent Low Location Lighting System

Guideline® is our photoluminescent LLL system which is entirely designed and produced inhouse.

It is structured as a modular system and thus offers different solutions to the various

challenges that are placed on an LLL system on board a ship. In addition, it can be easily

integrated into the design due to various versions and is made of PVC-free material.


Our product portfolio also includes safety signs as well as signs for orientation or decoration.

Also these products are all designed and manufactured inhouse in Ahrensburg. Therefore we

can offer you a maximum of quality and flexibility.

Integrated fire protection

With our integrated fire protection we rely on fire fighting directly at the place of origin, as

most fires occur within devices and machines. Please contact us if you would like to know

more about the operation of the e-bulb or AMFE in more detail.

Lets have a talk

Are you looking for economic solutions that take into account the safety aspect, the

environment and the different designs of your customers? Then contact us. We look forward

to our conversation.

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