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IBG Technology Hansestadt Lübeck GmbH

An der Dänischburg 25
23569 Lübeck

The IBG/Goeke Technology Group, based in Neuenrade near Dortmund, offers a comprehensive range of services in the fields of process automation, robot-based systems, system logistics and service to various industries such as aviation, logistics or manufacturing - in its capacity as a general contractor. With decades of experience in robotics, machines construction and systems construction as well as in research and development, IBG has successfully implented innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient systems for industrial domains. A close integration with science and research means that we can always offer individual best-in-class solutions. At IBG, the customer's project is in focus, but the human being is not disregarded.

Main Objectives

Automation of compley manufacturing and assembly systems,

Configuration of special systems

Construction of customer-specific special machines

Networking of business an research

Increasing the efficiency of production systems

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