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FEM-Composites is experienced in dealing with innovative egineering projects in a wide range of industries. 

For the success of our projects, we rely on our extensive experience in methodical design, realistic simulation while taking into account modern and efficient manufacturing processes made of fibre composites, additive manufacturing, light metals and their hybrids. We use state-of-the-art hardware and software solutions.

Main Objectives

  • Structural and Mecanical system design
  • 3D Digital Solutions
  • Composite materials
  • Static, dynamic and Nonlinear FEA

Concept and feasibility studies 
Requirements management 
Structure and Components Design 
2D and 3D design modeling 
Production drawing 
Material and parts list 

Rapid prototyping 
3D Inspection 
Reverse engineering 
3D Visualization 
3D Scan 
3D Printing

Optimization with regard to stiffness, weight and dynamic behavior 
Topology optimization under consideration of complex boundary conditions 
Parameter optimisation 
Shape optimization 
Additives for production-oriented optimization 
Profit feedback in CAD systems 

Idealization of composite materials 
Modelling of single and  multi-layers composites
Strength and stiffness analyses 
Manufacturing Simulation and Plybooks 

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