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Airbus Protect GmbH

Hein-Saß-Weg 24
21129 Hamburg

Airbus Protect, an Airbus subsidiary bringing together the Company’s expertise in safety, cybersecurity and sustainability-related services. The aim of this entity is to provide a unique global service offering to protect Airbus company-wide and meet the needs of national authorities and commercial customers, including critical infrastructures.

The new organisation brings together more than 1,400 experts based in France, Germany, the UK, Spain and Belgium who will grow Airbus’ capabilities and leverage synergies to further develop its expertise in these three key areas.

Our mission is to use our deep knowledge and diverse industry expertise to make a meaningful impact. We enable our clients to concentrate on growing their businesses and building a trusted future, while ensuring their safety, security and sustainability never wavers.

We are dedicated to our employees and our clients. Our relationships are based on deep trust empowering us to tackle complex projects and co-innovate to build a better future.

Main Objectives

Risk Assessments, Risk Analyses, Vulnerability Management, Security Testing, Safety Analysis


Airbus Protect is specialised in value creation through technical, human and operational risk controls. The company helps to secure aerospace, maritime, defense and transport future business models.


Airbus Protect has all the experts that can provide dedicated answers to any threat affecting operational availability of assets and products and is an active participant in companies digitalization.

Major Innovation Projects

Airbus Protect is involved in European research programs that are shaping tomorrow’s mobility, safety and maintenance.

Backed by a Major Group

Airbus Protect is a wholly owned subsidiary of Airbus, which gives it a solid financial footing as well as a true industrial culture. Intervening on many issues, Airbus Protect performs the international benchmark of best practices and methodologies in the field of reliability, cybersecurity and maintenance. Every year, 300 worldwide clients benefit from Airbus Protect teams support.

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