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Albia Marine GmbH is specialized in supply of spare parts for marine and industrial applications. We assist our customers in saving costs and bundling resources. Decades of experience in working with manufacturers, producers and forwarding companies help us offering quotations to best possible and competitive terms. Use our international network and make it your advantage! Flexibility,quality and a very high level of service are our major strengths and the foundation for long-term relationships.

Main Objectives

  • spare parts
  • equipment
  • maintenance
  • marine
  • industry


Albia Marine supplies from small o-rings up to complete engines. Spare parts for diesel & gas engines, generators, compressors, separators, heat exchangers, pumps, turbo chargers, filters, sealings, bearings, fittings etc. We also represent Skid Piping BV. This company is specialized in manufacturing of prefabricated piping modules for shipbuilding and industry.

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