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A. Winter 3-D-Konstruktions GmbH

Reepschlägerstr. 10C
23556 Lübeck

Winter 3D-Konstruktions GmbH offer design services and temporary staffing for mechanical and plant engineering, for automotive engineering and shipbuilding. Development, design, manufacturing or industrial dimensioning (3D-Laserscanning) – our 35 experienced engineers and designers support your projects from first idea to start up or to maturity phase. Ship engine rooms, ship cranes, BWT-Retrofits or automotive fixtures – to name only a few.

Main Objectives

  • Plant Engineering
  • Automotive Engineering
  • Shipbuilding
  • Retrofit
  • Ballast Water 

Design services and temporary staffing

Industrial surveying

Plant and mechanical engineering

Jigs, Tools and Shipbuilding

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