The Sea is our passion. This passion arose during childhood and was fed and groomed through service-time in the German Navy until it culminated in a degree in marine environmental sciences. The companies founder, Wolfgang Schuster, is a diving instructor, certified scientific diver, and on an honorary basis, consultant for environmental protection with the Regional Diving Association Lower Saxony (Tauchsport Landesverband Niedersachsen e. V.).

Since 2003 MaRenate is working to generate ”more from the sea“. It all started with the award-winning “Meerwasserwaschmaschine” (marine water washing machine), but it goes on:

We can rely on more than 15 years of experience in the analysis of marine fouling. We are using the most efficient methods for our analysis and are cooperating with well-known manufacturers.

Main Objectives

  •  Scientific diving
  •  Marine anti-fouling test
  •  Project Management
  •  International (black sea)
  •  Environmental friendly

Scientific diving

Project Management

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