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Topics and projects of MCN

MCN e. V. helps to find partners for innovative projects and products. It is where experts exchange information on forward-looking topics and solutions. MCN creates exactly these dialogue platforms, and facilitates contact to other relevant industries and networks. MCN also supports members as they develop ideas, services and products in order to establish them on the market.

Here you can discover some of the projects supported by the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany.

Precise measurements – efficient and clean driving

In the automotive industry, standardised, high-precision measuring systems to determine fuel consumption have been used for years. This is not the case in shipping. The adoption of tried-and-tested measurement techniques from the automotive industry in conjunction with the use of innovative expert and assistance systems would also make the operation of ships more efficient. This also applies to compliance with pollutant emissions. AVL List GmbH and the engineering firm HAWE rom Gifhorn have been pushing ahead with the development of this fuel consumption measurement system optimised to deliver accurate and precise measurements since mid-2017. Via the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) contact was established with a medium-sized shipping company, the MCN member company Reederei Rass.

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Specialist group Maritime Safety and Security: Fostering safe solutions to future challenges

The safety of the crew on board is an important concern. This also includes the development of suitable equipment. The continuous global increase in ocean-going traffic and the emergence of new technologies such as autonomous driving and alternative propulsion systems are constantly giving rise to new safety issues in shipping. The Maritime Safety and Security specialist group, launched in January 2018 and led by the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) regional office in the north German state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, has made finding the right solutions to these emerging problems part of its mission.

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GreenShipping Niedersachsen: Giving way to Green Shipping

As the volume of ocean-going traffic continues to grow worldwide, the potential for the shipping industry to have a negative impact on the environment will increase. Developing smart approaches for more resourcesaving and eco-friendly shipping as well as supportingcompanies as they transition to greener technologies are the aims of the GreenShipping Niedersachsen project, which has been running since August 2015 with the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany as one of its main management organisations. Promoting related research is also one of the project’s core tasks.

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Mittelstand 4.0-Competence-Center Bremen: The digital countdown has started

Digital transformation is creating new winners and losers. Digitalisation is transforming entire economic sectors, challenging traditional business models, forcing old actors out and bringing new ones into play. The process of digital transformation along the entire value chain is also picking up speed in the maritime economy. Blockchain, artificial intelligence and robotics are some of the buzzwords of the hour – even if not everyone understands exactly how they work or what their impacts will be. The Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Bremen provides start-up assistance and supports maritime small and medium-sized enterprises in their digitalisation strategies.

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Titan: Construction plan for the virtual control station

The transition fromconventional production based predominantly on analogue processes to the requirements of a digitised and automated Industry 4.0 presents major challenges to many small and medium- sized enterprises. Fearing risks and costs, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often hesitate to take the necessary steps to digitise their workflows vigorously enough. The Titan project is helping small and medium-sized manufacturing companies master digitisation by gradually introducing software.

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The 3D-Printing revolution arrives in the maritime industry

3D printing technology is only beginning to have an impact in the maritime sector. Nevertheless, there are clear signs that additive manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly important in the maritime industry. Having recognised this early on, the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany (MCN) has been actively involved with this topic since 2017. In September 2018, the MCN’s Hamburg branch office launched a collaborative networking project for “3D Printing in the Maritime Industry”.

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The SCAS network – Systems and Components for Autonomous Ships

The SCAS network is dedicated to the realisation of systems, components, sensors, communication services and technologies for semi- or fully autonomous ships. The focus of the network is not just on the full autonomy of the vessels, but in particular on technologies that can be employed on semi-autonomous ships, such as nautical assistance systems for automated mooring. Another focus is on systems that make autonomous ship operation possible in the first place.

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EcoShip60: Innovative propulsion and energy systems for ships up to 60 metres in length

In shipbuilding, a large portion of research has so far been concentrated exclusively on alternative propulsion systems for larger ship types with an output of around 4,000 kilowatts or more. There is no systematic, holistic or sustainable approach to developing alternative propulsion systems for smaller ship types with significantly lower outputs and lengths of less than 60 metres. The EcoShip60 network is helping to close this gap. A total of 17 companies and research institutions from all over Northern Germany have joined forces in the network, including members of the Maritime Cluster Northern Germany.

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Cross-state success

758, 759, 764, 768 – for MCN member LOEWE MARINE GmbH & Co. KG, these figures represent a very special success. In a cross-state cooperation with Ostseestaal GmbH & Co. KG in Stralsund, the supplier and service provider for manoeuvring technology, rudder engine services and performance management produced the double rudder systems for the listed and new LNG RoRo ships of Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (FSG). LOEWE MARINE has also received orders for the rudder engines for the current FSG new shipbuilding orders 769, 770, 772 and 773.

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“Munitect” – international leadership via network

Even decades after the end of the war, old munitions in the North Sea and Baltic Sea pose an incalculable risk in terms of economic use. Detecting, recovering or defusing the warfare agents has so far been difficult and very costly. The Munitect network, funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), has set itself the goal of improving this situation – an association of companies and research institutions that aim to advance the development and deployment of cost-effective sensor systems for munitions detection and bring them to market.

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Successful science networking

One of the priority objectives of MCN is to establish networks. Exchanging information and current know-how, and meeting with potential customers help create a substantial lead in knowledge, promote competitiveness and therefore success. Originally developed as a project work by students of the economic study courses offered by the Department of Maritime and Logistics Studies, the Jade University – in cooperation with the MCN office in Lower Saxony – has been serving as an important platform for industry representatives from science and industry since autumn 2013 with its “Forum Maritim”.

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